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Alcohol CounselingLubben Counseling provides individual and group counseling for alcohol and other drug concerns and problems. Counseling and education are the basis of treatment for alcohol and drug problems. Counseling begins with an assessment which results in a conclusion about what the problem is, how serious it is, and what services would be most helpful to address the problem.

For some, individual counseling may be best. For others participating in group counseling from one to three days  a week may be needed. Family support and education are available as part of the treatment as well.

Product details

The following Counseling services are available at Lubben Counseling.

  • Assessments are scheduled at times that work for you.
  • Individual Counseling; (non-intensive) is also on an as-scheduled basis.
  • Group Counseling; (non-intensive) both weekly aftercare for clients who have completed primary treatment and groups for clients whose education and support needs are met by weekly groups. Groups meet in the evening.
  • Intensive Counseling Services; Three hour groups meeting twice weekly followed by group aftercare. Family support and education groups are also provided.
  • Referral to other providers for Intensive Out Patient Treatment, residential and inpatient detox.


Group CounselingOur services are priced to make them affordable for most who are working. We do accept insurance payments. We schedule the groups in the evening to accommodate those who work day hours. Daytime groups are not available at this time.

Please call 440-223-0305 for more information and to schedule an appointment.