Proven clinical counseling and caring support for those in trouble with alcohol and drugs.

Current education, caring counseling and coaching for alcohol and drug use, abuse, dependency and recovery are available for you and your family. Both individual and group sessions are available, days and evenings.  The impact that alcohol and drugs are having on your life is reflected in assessments provided for individuals seeking help or to meet court or employer requirements. The first concern is for the benefits that you receive. We have extensive, expert experience in providing clinical services, and we provide care which integrates the latest evidence-based developments in addiction treatment, counseling and recovery coaching.

Why Lubben Counseling?

Lubben Counseling offers a unique combination of services, Including education in eight-hour Alcohol and Drug Intervention class and the Course for Underage Drinkers, to assessment, treatment, aftercare and recovery coaching for the long-term. They are committed to providing quality, effective and low-cost services for all those whose life is harmed by use of alcohol and drugs and to support those in recovery.

What will you find here?

You will find access to caring, competent help to support you in  beginning your treatment and through long-term recovery. Lubben Counseling has many years of experience and has many former clients well into long-term recovery. You can find hope and help here.

NOTICE! We have closed our office in Medina. As of April 5, 2015, we no longer operate a 72 Hour Driver Intervention Program.

All counseling services are provided in our Berea office.